IMG_6121There is certainly no shortage of horror flicks out there today, but I bet you’ve never seen one quite like All Cheerleaders Die. This new breed of horror comedy not only has a twisted sense of humor but a stellar cast.  And let’s just say that if Girls Gone Wild and your favorite gory film had a baby—its offspring would look a little bit like this movie!

When Mäddy (Caitlin Stasey, Reign), a stressed out, secretive, outsider at Blackfoot High takes a grudge against the captain of the football team a little too far, shocking events not only align her with the school’s privileged cheerleaders but completely transforms the new squad into blood absorbing, leather wearing ball-busters.

Brooke Butler, my willing victim—I mean subject today, knew from the age of five that she wanted to be an actress. After seeing Phantom of the Opera in downtown Seattle, the bright-eyed beauty said that even though she came from a family of real estate agents, she’d be following a different path. And thank goodness she did! Not only has Brooke captivated the extremely vocal and loyal fans of All Cheerleaders Die with her portrayal of Tracy, a sometimes over the top ‘popular girl’—who has a heart of gold and an appetite for fun, but her new movie—well, we’ll save that for the interview—is sure to turn this up-and-coming star into Hollywood’s new “it” girl.

MCKENZIE MORRELL: For starters, can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself and kind of what drew you to acting and all of that fun stuff?                                  

BROOKE BUTLER: I remember coming home and just being like “I booked Les Mis!” and they’re going “What- what are you talking about? How did you even find that theater?” There’s something that I’ve just always loved, I just always loved story telling. So from a young age I just kind of knew, it was just kind of something that I think God put in my heart from the beginning and something I haven’t stopped doing. I really think that there’s such a place in theater and in film to affect the lives of other people, and what a better way to share your heart than that.

All Cheerleaders Die poster_hugeLet’s talk about your character Tracy in the horror film All Cheerleaders Die. Can you describe her, and maybe her journey throughout the movie?

Tracy is that girl that I think everyone knows in high school- she is the popular girl that dates the star athlete and maybe isn’t so nice to everyone, but I really think that that girl usually is the most insecure one in high school, and I think that she masks it through being the popular cliquey girl. And so I think she’s very relatable, whether or not you were her, or you knew that girl in high school. What I loved about All Cheerleaders Die is that Tracy is able to redeem herself, and you see that other side of that cliquey popular girl, you know, that truly cares almost more than everyone else and I loved that about her. That girl that everyone might hate in high school, you actually get to see that sensitive side of her, and learn why she is that way. She deals with a lot in this movie, and I think she comes out of it, without spoiling the ending you’ll have to see it, quite triumphantly in the way that she ends up saving the person that she loves.

When I started watching the movie, I was like “Oh, this girl. No. No. I don’t like you at all.” Then, when the movie started progressing, I was like, “Oh. Okay. I think maybe I do like her a little bit, she’s got some qualities that might be good.” So, I can definitely see how people would be able to relate. Which brings me to my next question- Do you and your character share any personality traits or do you wish that you had a trait of hers?

You know, when my family and people that knew me really well watched, they could not believe it, because I am actually absolutely nothing like Tracy in real life. Absolutely not. I was kind of a theatre nerd in high school, and I never really belonged to a clique. I was friends with all kinds of groups. I think the one thing that we do share, is that we both fiercely believe in what we believe in, what’s true in our hearts, and who we love at the end of the day. We kind of will do anything for them, as is shown through my sacrifice. I do love that Tracy is so powerful in her own way. I’m just so different from her but I am able to be empathetic and relate to her through the way that other people treated her because of what she looked like or maybe her status, but that she was able to come out the other end, and show everyone what she was really made of.

If you could swap bodies with one of your costars, who would it be and why?

Oh my gosh- in real life or in the movie?

In real life.

2013 TIFF Festival. Photo by Michael Watier.

2013 TIFF Festival. Photo by Michael Watier.

You want to know what? I adore Caitlin Stasey probably more than anyone I’ve ever met. We were in stitches pretty much the entire movie, laughing, literally we barely got through some scenes. She is just who she is and I admire that about her more than anything, and she’s a hard worker. She is just so hysterical and I just think she has quite the life, so if anyone probably Caitlin. There’s no one else I really adore more than her. She is just a ball of energy. I wish I had that energy sometimes! I don’t know how she does it but she’s one of a kind. She’s a great actress, as well.

Definitely a powerhouse, we’re big fans of her here for sure. So your gorgeous blood-splattered face is the soundtrack cover art! Do you happen to have a favorite song off the album?

Oh my goodness, yes! Sianoa’s (Smit-McPhee) song that she did with her husband John is absolutely unreal. That girl is talented- she acts, she sings. Definitely Sianoa, she rocks it. Quite the powerful girl on set and off.

There are also some voice tracks on the soundtrack. Is it weird to think that people might be walking around with a snippet of you talking as a ringtone?

[Laughs] Yeah! And you want to know what’s funny? In real life I don’t really swear, so I guess when I auditioned for Tracy’s part, I would say like “frick” or, I wouldn’t say the F word, I didn’t even realize it. So, Tracy’s character ended up lucky and Chris (Sivertson) changed the script for me. So she nevDSC01823er says the F word, she just says “friggen.”  I thought that was pretty funny, but yeah, for the people that have to hear me screaming “Blackfoot Bloodhounds, bitches!” – I apologize.

It’s obvious that I’ve seen the movie a few times, and it’s definitely one of my favorites.

I’m so glad!

What do you think sets this movie apart from all of the other horror films out there?

I don’t think anything has really been done like it before. I remember when I was first reading it, going “There’s no rules to it!” I mean, it has zombie vampires and it has coming back from the dead, and witchcraft. It kind of just threw everything in and just- what I like about it, is it didn’t have to map everything out for the audience. It says, “We’re gonna believe that the audience is clever and smart enough to understand the rules of the supernatural that’s happening right now.” So I thought that was cool. And it’s one of those movies the parents are never really a part of it, so you just kind of see the teenagers version throughout the movie, and I loved that about it as well.

If you could describe each of your costars with only one word, what would they be?

Oh my GOSH. Caitlin Stasey- Intelligent. Amanda (Grace Cooper) is thoughtful. Gosh. Reanin (Johannink) is magical- she’ll know what that means. She’s just a magical human being. [laughs] And Sianoa (Smit-McPhee), gosh, I want to say one-of-a-kind. I’ve never met anyone like her. She just has every element of like everything. She’s just lovely, she’s so lovely.

Do you have a favorite scene in the movie?

DSC02751I love the scene, without giving it away, where I’m in the bear trap pit, because I think I spent, probably from like one in the morning to six in the morning in that bear pit just covered in blood. I think during cuts I’d be like “Don’t even take the bear traps off, I’m just gonna sleep in the pit.” I was so exhausted and I was screaming and I think I got over some ex boyfriends in that pit. [laughs] I loved filming that scene even though it was absolutely gruesome and long hours and hard work, but I think that it came out beautifully.

Were there any embarrassing moments on set? 

Every second was like an embarrassing moment. [Laughs] I wouldn’t even know where to start. Our whole cast just got along so well. There was such charisma and chemistry with everyone. Especially because, the group of girls, we got to film just us for like almost the first five days, I believe, so we became like sisters. So there was kind of nothing off limits, I mean, we would talk about boys and our relationships and everything so I think we pretty much, constantly, were embarrassed by the things that we were saying to each other, but we trusted each other. It was like one of the best times I’ve ever had in my life, filming that movie.

That’s good to hear that you guys actually liked each other, and there was that chemistry on and off set. 

Yes, we lucked out.

And now that kind of brings me to my next question of the logistics of certain scenes, and was it awkward filming any of the more raunchy ones, or were you guys pretty comfortable with each other to do those sorts of things?

DSC04686I think we were all very comfortable with each other. I mean, at the end of the day, it’s acting and you know, we all loved our characters and we loved the script. All my intimate scenes were with Caitlin and I just absolutely adore her and we were just so comfortable with everything. It all felt smooth to me! [Laughs] It felt great to me.

That’s good to hear! You recently attended the Burbank showing of the movie. What was that like, and did people recognize you fully clothed [laughs]?

Oh my gosh, yeah, I mean my hair is a lot darker now. It was pretty surreal, it was very cool. I think my sixteen year old self would have been freaking out. I got to bring my mom as my date, and I think she’s very proud because she’s seen me from, you know, nothing until now and yeah. I have another project that I just wrapped, called The Sand. I’m gonna be with Mitchel Musso and Jamie Kennedy, and Dean Geyer. And so for me, it was really surreal that I’m on to the next, ready for the next project.

We are excited to see what’s coming for you. You’ve kind of been pegged as a new “it” girl and “up-and-coming” and you’re gonna do big things, so I think everybody is really excited to see what’s in store for you. And the movie has gotten some great reviews so far. Were you shocked that it was so well received, and that people are showing such passion for it?

BrookeButlerHeadshotYou know, I had no idea what was gonna happen with that movie. For me, I go in with everything, giving it everything I have. There’s no part too small. I just was kind of shocked by how much of a cult following it has. It’s a very specific group of people that I think loved it, but once I watched the movie I realized it’s one of those movies you can watch multiple times, like over-and-over again and you see and notice new things. Even my mom, I think, has watched it, gosh, probably like ten times. When I took her to Burbank, she goes, “Hey! Did they change that? I don’t remember that.” And I was like, “No.” It’s one of those movies that you can just keep watching and find new things. That’s what I think is so exciting about it. Even things that I shot, I’m like, “Wait. I said that?” I don’t even remember doing some of it, so it’s been great. I’m so happy that people have found enjoyment out of it. That’s what the entertainment industry is all about, so I’m very pleased.

How are the fans on twitter and other social media? Have you received any questionable or shocking messages yet?

I think someone tweeted me a pretty funny poem.

Oh gosh. What kind of poem?

[Laughs] Oh I don’t know, but it did rhyme! Everyone has been really great. My feedback is that people are just waiting to see my next thing, because I’m just starting out in this industry. After I graduated from the Dramatic Arts school at USC, I kind of went right into it. I’ve been very blessed to be working and have the team of people that I have around me, to support me and yeah, everything’s been great. You know, even if anything negative is said, I find it so funny, because at the end of the day, you’re the one sitting there watching my movie, so… [laughs]

Right!? It’s like, you’re angry about this so that’s good.

Yeah, so I’m pretty happy all around.

So now I have a few random questions for you to kind of tie up the interview. So, what are some shows that you’re currently watching? Do you have any guilty pleasure TV shows?

I just started watching The Walking Dead, so I’m getting into that right now. I finished Breaking Bad, and of course I watch Game of Thrones and I’m not gonna lie, my friends and I do wine nights on Mondays and watch The Bachelorette. That’s our one little silly TV show we watch.

Now do you watch that show Reign that’s on The CW? I’ve heard it’s pretty good.

Um, yeah!!! [Laughs] I’ve heard there’s a pretty kick-ass actress in that TV show. I do watch that! I record it on my DVR and watch it for the lovely Caitlin Stasey. She is absolutely flawless and drop dead gorgeous in those costumes. I mean, no one looks like her in those outfits- it’s unreal.

I’d have to agree. She’s unreal in that show! Do you have a favorite horror film, or are you not a horror kind of person?

I do. I am the biggest horror movie fan. I literally watch a horror movie almost every night. I love Stephen King’s IT, which I think was the very first horror movie I ever watched in like fifth grade. It was pre-DVR, back when it was cassettes or whatever. I remember watching that in my friend’s basement and being so scared, because it’s clowns and spiders, which is like the two scariest things you could ever combine. So that was it for me.

I can’t even watch that movie, it freaks me out a little too much. So now what actor or actress would you most want to work with in the future?

Natalie Portman. I think she’s unreal and her movie Closer is one of my very favorite movies. It’s pretty twisted, but I just love her character in that. I would love to work with her one day.

That would awesome. Maybe one day you will, you never know! My final question is- if you were a type of candy, what would you be and why?

A type of candy!? So many things running through my mind, I think my very favorite candy is Reeses, because it’s covered in sweet chocolate but there’s salty on the inside. [laughs]

I think that’s it! Unless you have anything to add?

Always smile! You never know whose day you’re changing!

If you’re a fan of All Cheerleaders Die let Brooke know by tweeting her at @BrookieSerene. You can also find her at her Facebook page and find more info. on her by visiting her website

All Cheerleaders Die is currently available for rental on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video and alternative VOD platforms, this title will be released on DVD July 22, 2014. 


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