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Faking It, which chronicles the lives of two best friends Amy Raudenfeld (Rita Volk) and Karma Ashcroft (Katie Stevens) is facing some challenges this week (and we’re not just talking about that recent tearjerker of a break-up between Amy and Reagan). The show, which follows these sarcastic BFF’s, got some flack in the beginning for their portrayal of friends pretending to be lesbians for high school popularity. But all was forgiven when the audience quickly learned that this show was so much more than its initial knee-jerker of a concept. And let’s be real, ever since its premiere, the MTV series is no stranger to shake-ups, in fact, showrunner Carter Covington and his writing team are infamous for their gut-wrenching, emotionally-packed episodes that crack us up, break us down, and leave us with a yearning for more, more and more! If you’re a newbie to this show, it won’t come as a surprise that things between Karma and Amy get a bit dicey when one of the two girls begin to develop real (more than friend) feelings, but the story is so much more than lesbian/straight friend stereotypes. From threesomes to new loves, from a state of utter confusion to following a journey of eventually finding yourself, this show wins your heart, and breaks it in one small swoop. Now in its second half of Season 2, Faking It is facing its biggest challenge yet: Leaked episodes!

Last year, the Season 1 finale was accidentally released on iTunes to the public (a wee bit) too early sending the Karmy Army into a frenzy over character betrayals, sweet lady kisses and so much more. Well, it seems things are out of whack again (we’re not entirely sure who’s at fault with this one), and the Faking It fans have gotten their hands on the remaining episodes (214-220) of Season 2B. Yes, the whole rest of the season was leaked in its entirety! Now, before you hop on your little laptops and do a frantic Google search for these videos– consider this first: do you want more seasons of this show? Because if you do… here’s why, despite the unfortunate leak (and whether or not you’ve watched the episodes), you should still be tuning into Faking It each week on MTV.


Despite how you feel about what you may or may have not seen within these leaked episodes, the fact remains, you need to continue to watch the season as it airs on MTV. Without those ratings, the show could be in jeopardy and from personal experience interviewing several members of the cast… there is SO MUCH MORE story to tell. Let’s not muck it up by dropping off the face of the Earth.


Downloading and distributing the leaked episodes is totes illegal. Is it worth being a total d-bag and possibly being reprimanded in an official capacity to get ahead in the series? Probably not! If you see people talking about, spoiling the storylines, being malicious about the content, or posting illegal download links– just step away. Now if you’ve already watched– the damage is done. But, that doesn’t mean you have to circulate that content. Dear baby Jesus, don’t feed the trolls.


These folks work hard to bring us something unique, hilarious and heartfelt to our screens each week. It’s a blatant slap in the face when you don’t tune in when the show is scheduled to air– or if you voice your opinion if the storyline didn’t go your way. What are we, toddlers? If we always got our way, what’s the point of watching? It’s a journey, not a race. Let’s get to know these characters more and see where their stories go.


If you’ve watched the rest of the season, put those feelings aside. If you haven’t, you’ve done good. Let’s be the Faking It fans that the cast, crew and Carter have talked up on social media and have fallen in love with. Support the show and its creators. Make it a point to watch it live and get those ratings soaring! 


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