Well, it appears the storm has just calmed down, and a lot of shows were left to die in the wreckage. Yes, my TV viewing friends, if you’re as passionate about television as we are… it most likely means that all you’re doing tonight is refreshing your Twitter feed, crying at every passing show that’s getting the axe. It’s a bloodbath out there.

So I have to ask, which cancellations are you not handling so well? It’s okay. Let’s talk it out. It helps with the grieving process.

Unfortunately (yes, unfortunately), I have not been weirdly attached to any series this season. I’ve been hoping that some series do not get cancelled, but I have not been actively wishing for it like I used to seasons past. It’s part of this strange feeling of not having an absolute favorite show on the air right now. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not lamenting some loss. There are a couple series I’m sad over, mainly comedies.

Go On (NBC)

I’ve probably mentioned it one too many times, what with my R.I.P.’ing it and all, but Go On‘s cancellation actually came as a shock to me. I know the ratings weren’t the best, but I thought NBC would renew it just to save face or because it could possibly still increase in the ratings. Hey, it once had great ratings leading out of The Voice! Its series premiere was insane! Well, regardless, I’m going to miss our group of grieving weirdos. Now I just need Lauren to help me out on grieving the death of this show.

Happy Endings (ABC)

The word is official: Happy Endings has reached an ending, and it ain’t a happy one! Though there are rumors that USA Network is looking to pick this one up, it’s been said that it may just be a PR stunt by Sony TV. I became a fan of Happy Endings kind of late, but it was always consistently funny and completely in-tune with this generation’s sense of humor — millennials who’ve watched every episode of 30 RockSuh not amahzing. But hey, maybe Damon Wayans, Jr. can make a cameo on New Girl now!

Unofficial: Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 (ABC)

This one is all but official. Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23 had an incredibly long title, but was often hilarious and perfectly cartoonish. I actually am saddened that Krysten Ritter won’t be on my TV in this delightful comedy week after week.

Smash (NBC)

LOLJK!!!!!!! Though, my mother may be upset about the cancellation. She was an avid fan during season one. This season, not so much (she never tuned it). Unfortunately to those involved, however.

Now it’s your turn: which series’ cancellations have you taken the hardest this week? Let me know! Let’s talk it out.

Here are the official (and unofficial) cancellations that have been announced this week (others may have been cancelled in previous months): Family ToolsHappy EndingsHow to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life)Malibu CountryRed WidowCSI: NYGolden BoyRules of EngagementVegasTouch1600 PennDeceptionDo No HarmGo OnGuys With KidsThe New NormalSmashUp All Night, and Whitney.

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