Photo by Kelly Rice

Photo by Kelly Rice

Caleb Ruminer is many things: fun, down-to-earth, talented, athletic– but one thing’s for sure, this hollywood hunk is nothing like his bad boy counterpart on Finding Carter. When we last saw Ruminer’s character on the hit MTV series he was trying to make amends for the horrific thing he did last season. To refresh your memory– Crash “accidentally” shot Max (Alex Saxon) and left him for dead in the arms of the girl he claimed to love. Well, how about that for a breakup? After a stint in the pokey and being released from jail (due to a faulty safety on the gun), Crash is back to make things right, and perhaps even win Carter’s (Kathryn Prescott) heart in the process. But will it be enough?

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Ruminer was a real sport, chatting with me about fan enthusiasm on social media and how his long-time girlfriend feels about all the comments (some nice, and some not so nice) floating around the internet about the two’s relationship. We also talked about his characters journey so far, and where things are headed for Crash, the misunderstood teen.

But really, why should you all be watching Finding Carter? Ruminer has the scoop on upcoming twists and turns. Don’t tell me you’re not eager to keep reading this awesome interview with the guy who plays the one character you hate to love and love to hate.

MCKENZIE MORRELL: Obviously, you play Crash on MTV’s Finding Carter. Can you tell us about him, and what it’s like to play the show’s token bad boy?

CALEB RUMINER: I have a blast playing Crash- not just because he’s a bad boy, but I think it’s all very grounded in emotions. There’s a lot going on with Crash. I think it’s very interesting. I try to find the positives in Crash’s decisions, because a lot of them seem wild. He does make some bad decisions, but he’s doing it for the right reasons. He’s trying to help Carter, or help the family. In the first season he even goes and pawns a necklace, and he’s doing it, not necessarily very honestly but he’s doing it for the right reasons. That’s kind of his way of doing things. He’s just trying to help and fit in.

MM: That’s for sure. I think he’s definitely trying to make amends for what he did last season. Do you think he’s genuinely sorry for what he’s done, or do you think he has other motives going on?

CR: Absolutely, no. I think he’s one hundred percent trying to apologize to everyone and he just wants forgiveness, even if it means he’s not going to be a part of Carter’s life or even Max’s life. He just wants forgiveness, whether they accept him back or not. He just wants them to know that he’s really sorry for what he did, and that he is a different person, or at least he’s trying to start a new life.

MM: Yeah. And you know, Carter seems to be warming up to Crash’s return. Taylor (Anna Jacoby-Heron), on the other hand, doesn’t think anyone should give him the time of day. Will we see more of the drama unfold between everyone as the season progresses? Will things get crazier?

CR: Absolutely, yeah. It gets a little warmer towards the middle of the season. There are some other things that go on- other relationships. Obviously with the parents, something is going to happen. But yeah, more things get in the way and the thing between Taylor and Crash does somewhat get resolved and then more craziness ensues towards the end of the season. But I think everyone sees Crash is changing. And then towards the end of the season, something happens and when Crash comes in again, everyone realizes he’s a different person. He’s totally different. We’re starting to see him change, maybe 80% by the sixth episode? And by the end of the season he is 100% changed.

MM: Wow. That’s awesome. I have to ask– is there hope for the fans who want to see Carter and Crash back together?

CR: There is hope. There is hope. Like I said, there are a lot of things that get in the way, and they’re all justified. They are all very serious issues, but things keep getting in the way. Right when you think it’s easy now, and they’re going to have one normal day in their lives, something happens.

MM: Are you anything like your character? Do you guys share any personality traits?

CR: I’m not a drug dealer. (laughs) Yeah, I mean there has to be something that we share. The things I connect to, I think, is Crash’s pain. I mean my mom didn’t leave me, and my aunt isn’t a crazy lady, but I have a lot of sympathy for Crash. I feel for him. I just have the pleasure of being able to play that. A lot of the fans like Crash, and he’s kind of a bad person in the first season, and this season they kind of feel sorry for him and that’s what I started feeling in the first season. I share that, definitely. And I really like Carter and Crash together. I really like Carter as a character, so I do get that with Crash. I think she is really, really good for him. I’m always on the side of #CarCrash.

MM: I mean, we’ve seen him evolve and he’s kind of one of those characters that you hate to love. So I think it’s great to see him evolve in season two, and to see whatever goes on after that.

CR: Yeah. It’s going to be really, really interesting. I’m really interested and excited to see how everyone takes it. It was kind of a shock to me to see what goes on in the middle of the season, so…

MM: And now knowing your personality in real life, which character on the show do you think you would be drawn to, or be best friends with?

CR: Oh. Be best friends with… well… I really like Carter. I don’t know. I think maybe Gabe. Gabe would be kind of who I am in real life. He’s kind of a family friend and just a generally nice guy. (laughs)

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