Winny Clarke has made quite the splash in the entertainment world! Yes, that’s right, this talented ball of sunshine is notoriously known for her YouTube show called Bathtime Tuesday where she, ya know, talks about stuff while in the tub. She even has guests come on– or in… to her wet oasis. Now, that just sounds dirty (something you won’t be after filming a segment with this actress). Alright, as much fun as I’m having with bad puns, let’s get to the good stuff, where we talk about the blossoming career of one of my favorite ladies on the web.

Clarke, who can be seen in the upcoming feature film Almost Adults, where she plays Elliot, a sweet but shy lesbian who is just trying to find some lady lovin’ in this world, okay, maybe just finding a lady will do. The movie is from the talented minds of Sarah Rotella and Adrianna DiLonardo, who run the widely-popular Gay Women Channel on YouTube, and is slated to make its way through the festival circuit this year before it’s highly-anticipated release. But, if you’re an impatient little bugger (like me) then lucky for you, you can see Clarke playing Elliot in a web series called Til Lease Do Us Part… 2. The second season is better than ever and its timeline takes place prior to the Almost Adults movie, so get to watching!

Clarke was kind enough to chat with me about her work on the web series, as well as life as an actor. We had giggles, talked BFF drama and so much more!

MCKENZIE MORRELL: Let’s start with something easy, tell us about Elliot, how would you describe her to strangers on the street.

WINNY CLARKE: Elliot is very sweet, what I learned in Til Lease Do Us Part is she’s a lot sweeter than I originally pictured her. In Almost Adults, at that point in the movie she’s gained some confidence so she’s a little bit more cool in Almost Adults… but in Til Lease Do Us Part she is still just figuring it out. She’s ya know, like all of us when we’re in college are a little bit confused with life and she is a lot more vulnerable than I had ever expected she would be and I think a lot of people saw that in the web series. And she’s fun, she’s kind, she ended up cheating on, well not cheating but messing around with her best friends girlfriend so that’s never a good thing but her heart is kind and she really just wants to have fun and live positively but there’s always struggles in college that you go through and I think she’s just trying to figure it out like everyone else is.

MM: So, Til Lease Do Us Part Season 2 just ended and I absolutely loved it!

WC: Thank you!

MM: Do you have a favorite scene from it or maybe any fond memories on set? Playing drunk, the binge-watching scene?

WC: I loved the Lost episode, hopefully they’ll put up some bloopers, but Sarah let us improv for that episode and I have an improv background so I love to mess around when I’m given the freedom. Shooting that episode I absolutely loved. My first favorite episode was, I think it’s actually episode 11, where I’m talking to my mom on webcam and that one came out really good. I enjoyed the conversation that I had with my mom and obviously the events that transpired were, there was some tension building up to that so I really enjoyed that episode a lot.

MM: Yeah that was done really nicely, I think. Alright, so Elliot and Lexi make out, and she ends up telling Jess about it. Do you think as Winny, you would have reacted as nonchalantly as she did after finding out your bestie hooked up with someone you were dating?

WC: [Laughs] I’m not, not at all. I think the character of Jess is really chill throughout the whole thing, that reaction from her makes sense. But me Winny, if my best friend did that to me hell would break loose on all angles. It wouldn’t just be like I’m mad at you because you’re my best friend, I would be mad at obviously my partner who did that to me as well, it would not be a good thing. I fall in love really easily, so I’m all in pretty quickly. And if that happens, my heart would be broken in many different aspects, it would be broken because my relationship would probably be over with my partner and my relationship with my best friend would potentially be over.

MM: Totally. I would react the same way as you.

WC: You know what, I wish that I could react the way that Jess does. I wish it could be as simple as that but for me it’s just not.

MM: No. Nope. I’m right there with you, so I totally approve of that. And now obviously with Til Lease Do Us Part and Almost Adults you’re working with Sarah and Adrianna, how is it working with them? I’m sure it’s just horrible… [laughs] just kidding. They’re awesome.

WC: [Laughs] Oh my gosh, you know, I am so inspired by them. First of all they get things done, they know how to work and plan and they’re content is hilarious. Like not just Til Lease, but everything they’ve put out, I mean, I could touch on Almost Adults a bit, it’s amazing. I’m so excited for the world to see it, but even their YouTube content is absolutely amazing. And they are so chill and so relaxed, it’s an amazing set to work on when they’re involved. Adrianna is an incredible writer, and sometimes you get scripts that you’re like ‘oh my God, how am I going to make this work?’ Like this script is so cheesy or whatever, it might be, but with Adrianna’s writing, the first table read that we had I felt like I could just dive into the character, there wasn’t any issues right from the get go. So she’s an amazing writer, and Sarah is an amazing director, she really knows how to get you to a place she wants you to be for her vision, without being mean or pushy or anything like that. She’s fantastic. They’re both great, I love them both so much.

MM: The stuff that they turn out is just mind-blowing. It’s so great, I just love everything that they do. I’m looking forward to the movie, do we have any word on when it’s coming out?

WC: They have not announce its release date. But they have announced that they’re doing the film festival circuit.

MM: Nice, nice.

WC: I know as much as you guys do. I get notifications when I find them online with whatever they’ve announced, that’s when I know about the film. I unfortunately don’t know any more than you do.

MM: I can’t squeeze anything out of you, rats.

WC: Nope. [Laughs]


MM: In terms of Almost Adults, that obviously takes place after Til Lease Do Us Part Season 2, and you said your character has grown and is a little more comfortable with herself. What drew you to the movie? I know that Sarah and Adrianna have said that this movie is not your typical story like lesbian falls in love with straight best friend, and that for starters sets it apart from everything else that’s really out there. Can you tell us a little about the movie and what we can expect?

WC: It’s interesting actually, I was having a how would I say this delicately, I was having a interesting time with one of my best friends when I found this audition and the description of the audition was ‘two best friends going through a time’ you know having a time, they’re going through some issues in college and I just remember reading the description and feeling attached to it right away. Without even thinking, I just submitted for it, I was already feeling like it was something I wanted to be a part of because I was having a time [laughs]. I was going through some issues with my best friend and it was challenging and it was hard. We’re fine, we love each other but, yeah I just remember being attached with the description right away and the leads had already been cast so I was like whatever this is I want to be a part of it. So I applied for Elliot.

MM: Well that’s amazing. And I think that anyone can really related to this no matter what your sexuality is. So we’re all excited to see it, so hopefully we get it soon.

WC: Oooooh, you know if you don’t get it as soon as you want, I promise it’ll be worth the wait.

MM: Alright, we can hold out, I think we can do this. Obviously we touched upon the Gay Women Channel and how everybody is so fond of it.  so I’m sure you’ve gotten some extra lovin’ from the fans. Have you gotten any unwanted attention or messages on Twitter that are a little questionable?

WC: Mmmm. No. I think, I googled myself months ago when the girls had announced when Elliot was me, or I was Elliot. And I googled myself maybe a few weeks later because I did start getting all of this attention online and there were a few things that I was like oh, like I just didn’t know [laughs] about Elise [Bauman] and Natasha [Negovanlis], or Elise and Natasha related that maybe I said a few things on Twitter that were meant as jokes but I guess people were taking it seriously. I honestly can’t even remember the specifics of it but no, everybody has been so loving. Just wonderful. I’m having a great time with my online presence because people are so sweet and honestly if there is some bad talk, I just don’t care about it because I have all of these other people that care and are so loving and kind so I’m just going to focus on them.

MM: Well that’s a good way to look at it, I know some people can get overwhelmed if they’re getting either negative comments or I’m sure there have been sexually explicit comments that people like to throw out there. But it’s great you’re getting all the good stuff, and hopefully it continues. Now, you’re new to snapchat, what’s that been like? Are you having a blast?

WC: [Laughs] I’m having so much fun on snapchat. I didn’t know, like I’ve seen snapchat and I know the Gay Women Channel has a snapchat, and my other friends have snapchat, so I see them on it. Because I had it, but I was just sort of snapping my friends and I was like I don’t even know how this works at all. So just recently I decided that I was going to try and figure it out, and once I figured out I was like ohhh, this is fun [laughs]. It’s just basically documenting your life which I think it’ll be interested to see the longevity of it. I’m excited about it now because I just started it, but I don’t know how long it will go on for. I hope it goes on for long, I want it to go on for long.

MM: Well, just keep at it! Are people sending you snapchats? Or you’re just putting stuff up on your story… that’s it?

WC: I’m putting it up on my story right now because I don’t know, I know I have to add people, but I’m still learning, because I don’t really know a lot about it.

MM: Aww, you’re a little Snapchat baby.

WC: I’m a little Snapchat baby… [Laughs] Yes.

MM: You also have a YouTube show called Bathtime Tuesday, where you, ya know, chat with people in the bath– is there a guest that you’re just dying to have on? Or in? [Laughs]

WC: Yes. I want to have on Sarah and Adrianna. I want it so bad. We had a moment on their YouNow. I did a YouNow with them, and someone asked when they were going to come on Bathtime Tuesdays and I hadn’t asked them yet, I hadn’t officially been like I would really like– and I still actually haven’t [laughs]. I think I’m a little nervous to do it, to ask them. I do look up to them, they are my friends, obviously. But I do look up to them, so I’m a little nervous to ask them I think. But I definitely am going to have them on in 2016 once I ask them [laughs].

MM: Once this article comes out and they see how much you want them on the show [laughs].

WC: They were like we’ll come on your show, but I got all awkward about it. Anyways, it was nice and awkward, like I am. But I’ll definitely have them come on, even if I have to force them.

MM: Just throw them in the tub! [Laughs] And now you actually fill the tub up and all that good stuff?

WC: Yeah, it’s a full bathtub.

MM: That’s awesome.

WC: I don’t know what I was getting myself into, I just knew that I wanted to start a YouTube channel and was like that could be fun and now it’s the 13th episode and I’m just going to keep going, I guess.

MM: You have to keep going, they’re great, and awesome and funny!

WC: Thank you!

MM: If you could play any Disney princess, who would it be?

WC: Oh goodness, this is a hard one. When I was little I was obsessed with The Little Mermaid, and also, I don’t know if that’s because I watched it so much. It was on repeat for me. And I have this weird obsession with the sea [laughs] and the ocean. I don’t know if that has anything to do with watching The Little Mermaid so much, but yeah, I’m going to choose The Little Mermaid. Cinderella is a close second but I would love to explore the ocean.

MM: Oooh. And now would you ever want to be on a show like Once Upon a Time, and play a Princess?

WC: Oh yeah. Totally.

MM: There should be a musical episode for Once Upon a Time.

WC: I’m surprised it hasn’t happened to be totally honest.

MM: I don’t know what they’re deal is, they need to get on this.

WC: Totally, I’ll send an email. [Laughs]

MM: Right [laughs], please pull some strings. You also played Sophia in a YouTube series called I DO, where you’re basically planning a wedding do-over without the approval of the groom (at first). Did you find it more difficult to talk almost solely to a camera, vs. someone else on a set?

WC: Totally. One hundred percent. You don’t get anything back, I mean you have the director there, and you have everyone that’s part of the show there. But you don’t have anyone to work off of, you’re just talking to a camera. It’s sort of the same thing with Bathtime Tuesday’s because I can sort of make it up, and I can say what I want. But I much prefer working with a partner. My favorite parts of I Do was with Kyle Hickey who plays my husband in that. In I Do I felt like I was smiling a lot, and if you watch it you don’t see that. It doesn’t look necessarily like it’s over the top, but for me it felt like I was being over the top.

MM: No, it wasn’t like a Stepford Wives situation, where it seemed like you were smiling all the time.

WC: Yeah, exactly. I still loved it, I had a great time. And a good experience, because I had to memorize so many lines, in such a small time frame. But I did it, it was awesome!

MM: I’m awful at memorizing things, so I would be a terrible actor [laughs]. You know, the vlog style seems to be really in these days. Are there any web series you’re really fond of? Or are you more of a Netflix kinda girl?

WC: I love Netflix so much. So much, it is my go-to. I’m watching a series called Sherlock right now, I don’t know if you’ve seen it.

MM: I have not, it’s on my list– I have so many things I need to binge and that is one of them.

WC: Oh, it’s so good. I’m enjoying Couple-ish so much, do you know Couple-ish?

MM: I do, yeah!

WC: Oh my gosh, it’s so well shot and the acting is fantastic. The only thing that I’m upset about is that they’re only releasing two videos a week. I want to binge it.

MM: And now, do you have a long term goal? Like move out to Hollywood?

WC: Los Angeles has always been the goal, however I moved to Toronto three years ago and I absolutely love the summers in Toronto. They’re awesome, they’re so much fun and there’s so much culture here. The nightlife is fantastic if that’s what you’re interested in, it doesn’t have to to partying, there’s so many fun things that you can do. It’s been really good for my career being here. I guess, ideally it would be based in Toronto and then flying out to Los Angeles and New York and all of the wonderful places that I want to be.

MM: Now, I guess we can ask a few of these fan questions– some stranger than others. Would you rather not know the difference between a muffin and a baby or get a paper cut every time you laugh?

WC: [Laughs] I choose the first once just because I laugh a lot so that would be a lot of paper cuts.

MM: Right? It would be like Edward Scissorhands. Would you rather save a life but lose ten years of your own… or grant wishes and lose a memory with every wish?

WC: The first one, I think.

MM: Save a life, lose ten years? Yeah, I probably would pick that too.

WC: Memories are so precious.

MM: And someone wants to know what the name of the black cat in your name.

WC: Her full name is Kamikaze but we just call her Kazi for short.

MM: And is she your pet? Do you have any others?

WC: Yeah, she’s mine. I have, or we have, Evan and I have two cats, and a dog! Oh my god, I love animals so much.

MM: Anything you can tell us what’s coming up?

WC: I kind of go with the flow, but I am excited about Bathtime Tuesday and guests that are coming on it, I don’t want to say who they are, but a couple people have been wanting some guests in the tub for a while, so I have some fun guests coming on the show. And I’m just excited for 2016, I don’t have any acting jobs lined up with now, but the acting world kind of takes a break end of December into the first week of January. So lots of of auditions coming up, there’s like 40 productions going on in Toronto in the first quarter of the year, so I’m excited for all of the work that I get to be going into.

MM: 2016 come at you!

WC: Let’s do it, I’m ready for it.


Catch up with Winny on Twitter: @WinnyClarke