Upfronts 2012 is officially over and we have the latest trailers for you.  I’m going to say it, CW’s line-up kinda rocks! (except on Fridays)


A lot of changes had to be made at the CW, as they failed to make a hit out of one of their freshman dramas. I’m getting the impression they’ll hit the ball out of the park this year, especially with Arrow, The Carrie Diaries or Cult.

The schedule is really good, except on Friday! America’s Next Top Model is paired with Nikita! I’m sure this was the only place to put these two, because the rest of the schedule is really good. Let’s hope that Nikita has a loyal fan base.

  • Monday: 90210 and Gossip Girl are reunited on Monday night, at least for a short period. 90210 opens at 8 PM, with Gossip Girl airing at 9. It’s still not decided how many episodes the final season of GG will have, The Carrie Diaries will take over after that (January 2013).
  • Tuesday: Tuesday becomes Doc-night. Hart Of Dixie moves to Tuesday airing at 8 PM, followed by new series Emily Owens, M.D. (Previously known as First Cut).
  • Wednesday: New series Arrow opens up at 8, followed by Supernatural.
  • Thursday: The Vampire Diaries remains at the same place airing at 8, followed by Beauty and The Beast.
  • Friday: These are basically the left-overs. America’s Next Top Model airs at 8, followed by Nikita. This is absolutely weird!
  • Cult: Cult hasn’t been placed yet, it will probably be replacing one of their failing shows.
  • The Selection: I’m pleased to say that The Selection is not dead, The Selection is being redeveloped for a midseason or summer debut.

Here are the trailers of their new shows!

The Carrie Diaries



CBS moved Two and A Half Men to thursday and The Mentalist to sunday!

(shows are put in order of airing)

  • Monday: How I Met Your Mother, Partners, 2 Broke Girls, Mike and Molly and Hawaii Five-O.
  • Tuesday: NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles and Vegas.
  • Wednesday: Survivor, Criminal Minds and CSI.
  • Thursday: The Big Bang Theory, Two and A Half Men, Person Of Interest and Elementary.
  • Friday: CSI: NY, Made In Jersey and Blue Bloods.
  • Saturday: Crimetime Saturday and 48 Hours Mystery.
  • Sunday: 60 Minutes, The Amazing Race, The Good Wife and The Mentalist.
  • Midseason: Friend Me and Golden Boy.

Here are also a couple of peeks into their new series.